Wayne State University Speech & Debate Teams

A Motor City Tradition Since 1918

Shannon Flory

Individual Events Team

1.  Class: Sophomore

2.  Hometown: Canton, Michigan

3.  Major: Secondary English Education with a Minor in Speech Education

4.  Career Interests: I would love to be a high school English teacher, running a successful high school forensics team!

5.  Team: Second year on the IE team, with events including Informative, Rhetorical Criticism, Prose, and Poetry. This year I hope to add Persuasion and Duo to the repertoire! 

6.  I was drawn to speech in high school by the community of the team and after finishing as a back to back state champion in Informative speaking, I knew I could not leave that behind when entering college. I continue on Wayne State’s team due to the close knit group of friends I have because of it and my goal of improving as a speaker. 

7.  This summer I went to the Beyoncé concert at Ford Field, and her music is such an inspiration. It is an experience I will never forget, and for that reason I am a huge advocate of finding a connection to music.