Wayne State University Speech & Debate Teams

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Kevin Mardirosian

IE Team

1. Class: Junior

2. Hometown: Westland, MI

3. Major: communication studies 

4. Career interests: I would love to pursue a masters and do public memory research. Eventually I would love to work for a nonprofit or as the U.N. Ambassador. 

5. Team: Third year on the I.E. team doing Persuasion, Prose, After-Dinner Speaking, Rhetorical Criticism, Duo, and Impromptu. 

6. Forensics has always been apart of my life and it's the only thing that makes me feel like the best version of myself. Wayne State's team has given me so much growth and well-roundedness as both a competitor and a person. I look forward to two more exciting years! 

7. I spent a lot of time with both sides of my family playing a lot of Euchre and Texas Hold 'em.