Wayne State University Speech & Debate Teams

A Motor City Tradition Since 1918

Hannah Haynes

Debate Team

1. Class: Junior

2. Hometown: Southfield, MI

3.Major(s): Accounting & Communication Studies

4. Career Interests:  Work for a top accouting firm and be a speech coach.

5. Years on the Team: 2nd year on Debate Team

6. Why drew you to debate?  I was drawn to debate to enhance my skills as a public speaker as well as the opportunities associated with being a part of the debate team. My interest in law also drew me to debate. I wanted to debate to become a better speaker, a better negotiator, and understand the complexities involved with extensive research.

7. Doing anything fun this summer?  This summer I am interning at Deloitte, the number 2 big four Accounting Firm  as a tax and audit intern. In this position I have been able to travel, and work as well as shadow professionals in my dream profession.