Wayne State University Speech & Debate Teams

A Motor City Tradition Since 1918

2016-2017 Season Results

Individual Events Results

9/16-18 Western Kentucky University

Alex Azzopardi 2nd Place After Dinner Speaking

Shannon Flory - 3rd Place Rhetorical Criticism

Kevin Mardirosian - 5th place After Dinner Speaking

9/24-25 Univ of Indianapolis
Kevin Mardirosian - Champion, Prose
Alex Azzopardi - Top Novice, ADS

9/24 Oakland Community College
Jonathan Lundblad - 2nd place, Dramatic

10/29-30 Marshall University
Team Award: 3rd place, IE sweeps; 3rd, PKD Sweeps
Kevin Mardirosian - Champion, ADS and Prose; 2nd - persuasion
Jonathan Lundblad - 5th, rhetorical criticism; top novice
Alex Azzopardi - 3rd, novice extemp
John Burklow & Shannon Flory, 2nd in Improve
Shannon Flory, 2nd in rhet crit

11/5-6 Bradley University - The Norton
Kevin Mardirosian - 2nd, Prose; Semis in ADS
Alex Azzopardi - 3rd novice in ADS

11/19-20 Bowling Green State University
Day 1:
Team: 3rd in overall sweeps; 1st in PKP sweeps
Kevin Mardirosian - Champion, ADS & Prose; 2nd in persuasion 
Alex Azzopardi - 1st in extemp; 2nd in ADS
Shannon Flory - 3rd in Info and Rhet Crit
John Burklow - 4th in Info, 6th in Prose

Day 2:
Team: 2nd in sweeps
Kevin Mardirosian - Champion, ADS & Prose; 2nd in Persuasion
Alex Azzopardi - Champion, extemp, 5th ADS
Shannon Flory - Champion, Rhet  Crit; 2nd dramatic and informative
John Burklow - 4th in Informative

12/3 - MISL Fall Championship 
Jonathan Lundblad - Champion, rhet crit
Mansoor Mubeen, 4th in poetry 
Quindell Peyton, 5th in extemp
Zach Sietk, 6th in Poetry

12/3-4 Ohio State University 
Team: 1st place, small school sweeps
Shannon Flory - Champion, dramatic; 3rd in informative
John Burklow - 3rd in prose
Alex Azzopardi - 5th in ADS; 6th in extemp

1/14-15 Bradley University - Hell Freezes Over 
Kevin Mardirosian - 5th place, ADS

1/21-22 University of Kentucky 

Team: 3rd in overall sweeps

Jonathan Lundblud; top novice and 4th in Rhet Crit; Top novice; and 4th in Dramatic

Alex Azzopardi - 1st in extemp; 3rd in after dinner speaking

John Burlow- 1st in Dramatic; 4th in Program Oral Interp; 3rd in info

Shannon Flory - 1st in Program Oral Interp; 2nd in info; 3rd in Dramatic; 2nd in Rhet Crit; 2nd in quadrathon

1/27-28 Ohio University

Team:  1st in Small School Team Sweepstakes

Sonali Reddy: 2nd in extemp; 3rd in impromptu; 6th in persuasion

Jonathan Lundblad: 2nd in novice impromptu; 2nd in novice Dramatic; 3rd in Rhetorical Criticism

John Burklow: 2nd in Info; 4th in Prose; 5th in Dramatic

Alex Azzopardi:  3rd in After Diner Speaking; 7th in Persuasion

2/4-5 Eastern Michigan University

Kevin Mardirosian- 1st in Dramatic, 3rd in Persuasion
Alex Azzopardi-top novice in After Dinner Speaking and Extemp, 6th in Persuasion
Shannon Flory- 2nd in duo with John Burklow, 3rd in Dramatic, 2nd in Program Oral Interp
John Burklow - 2nd in duo with Shannon, 4th Program Oral Interp, 4th Dramatic, 4th in Prose
Third place in Team Sweepstakes

Kevin- 2nd in Dramatic, 1st in persuasion 
Alex- 1st in Extemp
John- 4th Informative, 3rd in Duo with Shannon 
Shannon- 5th in Program Oral Interp, 4th in Dramatic, 3rd in Duo with John, and 3rd in Rhet Crit
3rd place in tournament overall!!

2/11-12 BGSU.


Shannon Flory - 2nd Program Oral Interp; 1st in Rhet Crit

Kevin Mardirosian- 2nd Dramatic

John Burklow- 4th Dramatic, 3rd Info

Alex Azzopardi- 6th After Dinner Speaking


Shannon- 2nd Program Oral Interp

Alex- 5th in Persuasion

John- 5th in Info, 4th in Dramatic, 2nd Duo with Kevin

Kevin- 2nd in Duo with John


5 state champions! 

The team finished 2nd overall.

John Burklow 3
Shannon Flory 5

Kevin Mardirosian Champion
Alex Azzopardi 2 Top Novice

John Burklow/Kevin Mardirosian Champion
Shanon Flory/John Burklow 6

Alex Azzopardi- 2 Top Novice
Sonali Reddy 6

Sonali Reddy 4

Shannon Flory 2
John Burklow 4

Kevin Mardirosian Champion and IOA rep
Sonali Reddy 6

Shannon Flory Champion

Kevin Mardirosian 2

Rhet Crit
Shannon Flory 4
Jonathan Lundblad 5

4/15-17 - National Forensics Association National Championship

4th place - Kevin Mardirosian, Persuasion

Semifinalist - Kevin Mardirosian, Prose

Quarterfinalists - Kevin Mardirosian, Dramatic; Shannon Flory, Informative

Octafinalist - Shannon Flory - Rhetorical Criticism

NEDA Cross-Fire Debate Results

9/30-10/1 - Duquesne

Maryam Joyyousi & Ali Berro - 2nd in Novice

Berro - 2nd speaker

Joyyousi - 5th speaker

11/4-5 - University of Dayton

Maryam Joyyousi & Ali Berro - 2nd in Novice

Berro - 1st speaker

Joyyousi - 5th speaker

Emaly Panek - 5th varsity speaker

2/24-25 Capital University

Hannah Hayes & Ali Berro - 3rd in Novice

Berro - 1st speaker

Jamie Kornosky - 5th varsity speaker


NDT-CEDA Policy Debate Results

10/1-3 University of Kentucky 

Janai Williams & Neil Haran – 2nd in Jr Varsity

Haran – 1st speaker

10/22-24 Wayne State University George Ziegelmueller Tournament

Doug Husic & Katrail Davis - Octafinalists

Husic - 8th speaker

Jake Maxey - 9th speaker

11/4-6 Liberty University

Janai Williams & Neil Haran - Jr Varsity Champions

Doug Husic & Katrail Davis - Octafinalists

Kristina Curtiss & Jenny Anton - Octafinalists

Davis - 8th varsity speaker

Husic - 9th varsity speaker

Curstiss- 15th varsity speaker

Haran - Top JV speaker 

Williams - 3rd JV speaker

1/3-6 University of Miami Florida Holiday Swing

Doug Husic & Kristina Curtiss - Octafinalists

Husic - 7th speaker

Curtiss - 15th speaker

1/14-17 US Naval Academy 

Doug Husic & Kristina Curtiss - Quarterfinalists 

1/28-30 Indiana University

Doug Husic & Kristina Curtiss - Octafinalists 

Shay Montivong - novice semifinalist

3/11-13 American Debate Association National Championship

Neil Haran & Jake Maxey - Octafinalists

Haran - 14th speaker

3/24-26 National Debate Tournament @ Univ of Kansas (Kansas City campus)

Doug Husic & Kristina Curtiss - Qualifiers -- WSU's 83rd team to qualify since 1961

NDT Team photo credit: Joe Getto

Debate National Season Rankings

In college policy debate, we have a website that keeps fairly updated information about our relative national rankings at any given point in the season. Two national organizations oversee college policy debate and have their own ranking systems: the NDT and CEDA.

Click here to see our current tentative national rankings.

WSU Forensics Union in the News

April 6, 2016 - Coverage of Kevin Mardirosian's 4th place AFA NIET finish in a WSU news release and a South End story here.
April 23, 2015: Sydney Machesky and the IE team's amazing 2014-15 season is featured in a WSU news release.

March 23, 2015: During his recording of the popular PBS Tavis Smiley Show while visiting Wayne State, former Indiana University policy debater and noted tv news/interview host Tavis Smiley references our rich tradition inv policy debate while interviewing Wayne State President M. Roy Wilson (see at about 5:05 mark) http://video.rmpbs.org/video/2365451239/?hc_location=ufi

April 21, 2009: The debate team has worked rather closely with the Detroit Life Skills Center during our summer debate institute and the Detroit Urban Debate league. We are very excited that this team received some excellent coverage in the Detroit News. The story is no longer available on the Detroit News site, but a debate blog has a copy of the story here.