John Carroll Debate Dec 4-6, 2009 John Carroll Debate Dec 4-6, 2009 John Koch checking tournament schedule on the bed 61372497 John, Kelly and Neil Butt 61372498 John 61372499 Kelly approaching to John 61372500 and pointing out the superstar of the team 61372501 Kristen Messina 61372502 Jake Justice 61372503 Nick Tabarias vs WVU team 61372504 Nick and Rob Sembarski 61372505 Mark Jarrett and Alex Pasquinelli 61372506 Alex in speech 61372507 Mark prepping 61372508 Pairings 61372509 Amrit Kamboj vs JCU 61372510 Harry Singh and Kelly (prepping answers to nuclear feminism) 61372511 Trinae Fairris and Gylbert Musaraj 61372512 Kristen and Amrit 61484789 Harry, Nick, Rachelle and Gylbert 61484790 John, Kelly and Rob 61484791 Kristen and Jake (Capital U) 61484792 Melinda Mishark (outround against SMU) 61484793 Rachelle Ketchum (outround against SMU) 61484794 Marshall Dodson and Brad Meloche 61484795 Bala (UoM), Marshall and Brad 61484796