Northern Iowa 2009 Northern Iowa 2009 Mark "the Prestige" Jarrett prepping at the hotel 53346403 Alan Gocha and Jake Justice 53346404 Alan Gocha and Jake Justice 53346405 Marshall "Earphones" Dodson hard at work 53346406 Alan Gocha and partner Alex Pasquinelli 53346407 Amrit Kamboj plotting new and creative theory blocks 53346408 Amrit Kamboj flashing some sort of gang sign I think 53346409 Harry Singh highlighting evidence 53346410 Harry Singh wishing us all peace 53346411 John Koch showing off his latest salon and beauty secrets 53346412 Nori Tajima laughing it up 53346413 Marshall Dodson and Mark Jarrett hard at work in their hotel room 53346438 Assistant Coach John Koch at the tournament. Looking quite dapper, I might add. 53346414 Graduate alumni Chris Salinas enjoys lunch with one of his students from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. 53346415 Kristen Messina and Jake Justice between rounds 53346416 Jake Justice 53346417 Graduate student alumni Katie Lavelle, the Director of Forensics at UNI, running the tournament. 53346418 1 of 1000 shots of Assist Coach Nori Tajima hard at work on his laptop 53346419 The Wonder Duo of Mark Jarrett & Marshall Dodson preparing to have lunch 53346420 Mark Jarrett, Harry Singh, Kristen Messia and Jake Justice during the lunch break (the back of Jen Schraeder's head is also featured in the shot) 53346421 Jake Justice, Alan Gocha, John Koch and Amrit Kamboj during the lunch break 53346422 Amrit Kamboj, Mark Jarrett, Jen Schraeder, Jake Justice and Harry Singh at lunch break 53346423 UNI Director of Forensics and WSU alumni, Katie Lavelle, giving out awards. Without planning it, I capture her at the exact moment she made some error in announcements. 53346424 Kristen Massina holding her 4th place JV speaker award 53346425 Our Octafinals Varsity award 53346426 Kristen Massina holding her 4th place JV speaker award 53346427 Kristen Messina and Jake Justice preparing to dominate their opposition 53346428 Jake Justice & Kristen Messina with their 2nd place award 53346437 Assistant Coach Jen Schraeder on the move 53346429 On the way to Cedar Falls, we stopped at the Iowa I-80, the self-claimed "World's Largest Truck Stop." 53346434 Outside of the Iowa I-80 53346435 Outside of the Iowa I-80 53346433 Outside of the Iowa I-80 53346436 Inside the Iowa I-80 53346430 Inside the Iowa I-80 with Marshall Dodson and Alan Gocha striking a pose 53346431 Inside the Iowa I-80. Harry Singh and I take pictures of each other...for some reason. 53346432